Herunder kan du finde spændende artikler som der indeholder den nyeste viden omkring smerter og videnskab. Disse artikler kan være gode til at understøtte, den viden som dine smerteklienter skal oplyses omkring. Vi har selv udvalgt de bedste artikler, så du ikke behøver lede efter dem. Artiklerne åbner i et nyt vindue.

Intro to pain science

50 Shades of Pain with Dr. Lorimer Moseley

The Tao of Pain with Dr. Adriaan Louw PT, PhD

Understanding pain and treatment of chronic-pain

Professor Moseley: Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think

Professor Moseley: what is pain and what is happening when we feel it?

Professor Moseley: no brain, no pain: it is in the mind, so test results can make it worse

15 things you didn’t know about back pain

The myth of structuralism

How much evidence is enough?

Your Body is Not a Machine and I Am Not a Mechanic

Palpation, is it a skill, an art or an illusion?

Why Most People Are Wrong About Injuries and Pain

Around the World of Pain Science with Dr. Serge Marchand, PhD

The Ultimate Guide to Pain

Pain is weird

Adriaan Louw on Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

Graded Exposure and pain

A Primer on Pain

An in depth review of the postural debate

How Pain Cognitions Can Influence the Pain Experience

Why Your Body is Not Like a Car

The importance of language

Five myths about chronic pain: Why it is not all in the head